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Inktober 2017, is over!

Well, it’s over! I am sitting here thinking of what to write, and more importantly what to confess.In full disclosure I didn’t finish, I only got to day 17.  I did intend to catch up, but I never got a chance, I kept falling behind, thinking tomorrow that I would but never did.

This was my first Inktober. I was excited by it, making sure that I had all my stuff together to participate. I didn’t do strictly ink, I used watercolor as well. I wanted to do the spirit of the challenge. I wrote a post on my Instagram page, not everything, most though. I did try to follow the “official prompts” and did so for every day except for one.

Besides the never-ending fear of catching up, I felt the pull of not feeling good enough. What does that mean? I don’t know. Maybe I do.

I realize in writing this blog post that I don’t need to explain anything as to why I didn’t finish or to justify it. I think with any self-challenge it’s good on a personal level for self-reflection. It’s good to understand, but not judge, the process, or “your” process.

A process that’s the important part. I haven’t found this easy, in fact, I often sabotage the process, because — of tons of reasons. It’s not my lack of knowing how to create a process, after all, I am a trained Instructional Designer, avid Bullet Journalist, journaling enthusiast, blogger, etc… I know how to create a process – -But staying with it, that’s my problem.

Sure, I can follow through with a process for work, for things that are other than, well, for me it can be difficult. The idea of perfection, that you must complete something before moving on, or even the shame of failure. The culprits, of course, are the common ideas like;  finish your dinner, that or this person is better, make sure you get it right, there can be only one, and if I might, my favorite, you don’t have the talent (not, really favorite, but something I use)… These all interfere with the process, interfering with self-regulation, knowledge of self, and confidence.

So how did I end up not finishing Inktober? Or for that matter how does all this come together, and what have I learned on this journey?

A lot actually.

Letting go of the baggage.

That’s the rub. To throw off those things that are learned over a lifetime.

It’s okay that I didn’t finish because the challenge was to improve, and I think I did. I actually have one that I really do like.

Lesson learned for the next challenge? Simple, well maybe not so simple. The Challenge is for you, and you can determine the rules. It’s okay to leave the challenge when you feel that it’s putting pressure on you because this should be fun.



Wonder Woman 2017


I will be spoiling some of the movie if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read. You have been warned.


I went to go see Wonder Woman June 1st @ the 7:00 pm show.  It was shown in Real 3D. I was nervous about it. All my hopes, dreams, and expectations of this movie (40+ years) were going to be forever changed.I also went to see it again on June 3rd with my niece and nephew.

I never thought that I would never see a Feminist Wonder Woman in a 150 million dollar film directed by a woman. At best, my fear was that they would cast a woman who was all tits and ass to fill a masturbatory role to stroke male egos. When Gal Gadot was cast in the role, the first comments, were about her tit size, they weren’t big enough. Many women objected that her tits weren’t small enough. With the state of women in print comics and how they are drawn, I was worried. Worried that it would all about tits and ass.

I was wrong, happily so. The movie is a Feminist movie. It’s a must see movie. Some so feminists are saying that the first 15 minutes didn’t pass the  Bechdel Test. I strongly disagree. It was about Diana making her own choices in her life, breaking with her mother. Other feminists decrying Wonder Woman because it’s not inclusive enough, or that she isn’t a woman of color. Some are even pointing to the actor herself, because she is an Israeli citizen.


Wonder Woman is a complex character who has a warm and loving heart. She born in privilege to be the princess of the Amazons. We learn that Queen Hippolyta formed Diana out of clay and asked Zeus to give Diana life, and he did. Later we find out that Diana was the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus. She was the only child on the Island of Themyscira and the Queen wanted her to remain a child for as long as she could and wouldn’t let Diana train with the other Amazon.

Hippolyta was afraid that Diana would die or be hurt at the hands of Ares and kept her away from Amazon training. This caused angst between her and her mother even from a young age. Diana was determined to be as every bit of a warrior as her mother and aunt were.

I remember watching one reviewer who said that the first 15 minutes was like a good meal that was over before you were fully satisfied.  The battle scene on the beach was amazing, it was far too short but to see a female 300 scene was just amazing.

I felt that way too. I wanted to see more of her training more of her self-reflection. The one problem I did have with this movie, is for some strange reasons Zack Snyder didn’t allow a lapse of time between events, they seemed (except for the very beginning) all happening within days of each other and showing some kind of plot device to show the reason it would take an overnight sleep on a sailboat (that Diana wasn’t aware of) to get to London from (I assume) the Aegean Sea near Turkey, even if towed by a tug.

I loved the visuals in Wonder Woman, the beautiful colors. Themyscira is a Utopia world where nothing bad has happened since the Amazon’s made it their home. It is protected from the outside world by Zeus.  The Amazons study languages, learn weaponry and have a female positive society. They know nothing of mankind or it’s war, protected from the War God himself. Ares did admit he whispers in the ears of those who want to harm, destroy, and corrupt, but doesn’t tell people to do the things they do, he (magnanimous) just watches taking pleasure in the destruction of his father’s favorite creatures. He in many ways sounds like many of the MRA and 4Chan activists who do not take responsibility for their own actions.

Although, Ares is a man, not all men are bad. Steve Trevor, is a good man. He stands behind her and allows her to make decisions on her own, although at times he is frustrated by those choices.

Although Ares, Dr. Poison, and General Ludendorff are the villains, they were overshadowed by the biggest villain, and that is war itself, not as in the god of war, but rather the plague of war and how it affects everyone.  War destroys the mind as we see Charlie struggling with PTSD and how he could no longer function as the trained sniper. We see Sameer, reduced playing into racial stereotypes in order to get closer to the bad guys, and we see the complex Chief who doesn’t fight for anyone because he has no home left to go to.

War changes the life of everyone, even the Princess of the Amazons, who didn’t believe her mother about war. To this point for Diana, no one lost their life (in her world – sure she heard the tales of her mother), the battle was always in a protection of those who she trained with and who were training her. It became real when she looses her aunt. She believed that if she just killed Ares then the war would end, people would be good and decent and choose love over anger, hate, and resentment.

At the end, she realizes that killing Ares will not stop the war, but being true to herself, allowing others to do what needed to be done will make the difference.

Patty Jenkins says that she went for the simple superhero movie. I don’t think that this movie was “simple” but rather complex. It showed that superheroes can love and can bring hope.

Online Dating Pt2: THE Scammers delight

Every Scam is different, but they all work in somewhat the same way. It’s frustrating and sometimes aggravating when you first start online dating. Suddenly you experience someone who claims they care, and you start to build a friendship with that person only to find out they aren’t who they claim to be. Then the illusion falls away when you realize that they aren’t using “their” own pictures. It happens on every website, not just the free ones. I met my first scammer on

I was flattered because unlike some of the men that I met online, he text regularly, he knew what to say, and up until he was discovered he was kind. I felt stupid when I found out, because I was supposed to be “wicked smaht.” I felt like I wasn’t. I felt duped and played. I found out over careful investigation, and through questioning, he wasn’t the person who I thought I was talking to.

Some of the things just didn’t make sense. I googled his phone number and found it belonging to Viber (this site and kik are home to scammers and to married men looking for something on the side- be weary when someone asks you to get of the dating site and on to those services), a free telephone service. I asked for specific details about where he lived in MA, and he just told me Downtown Boston – no street nothing (when pressed he told me his parents bought it for him). He was supposed to be in Army, but graduated Annapolis, when I looked for the year he graduated, he wasn’t listed. I finally found that the style of military email that he was using wasn’t used by the military anymore, and the email was generated by a spoofer located in the Ukraine. So I confronted him. I just really wanted to know why he was doing this. It didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t get my answers, the Viber number and email that he was using disappeared.

I got “wicked smaht” after that. Thankfully, I wasn’t taken for money or for dirty pictures (don’t just don’t share personal pictures to a stranger). It just left me feeling just down.

I hear from more and more friends that they meet these wonderful men, then they find out that they are scammers, and their heart breaks. The scammers give us the illusion of what we want from others. The thing is, it happens to everyone, woman, man, straight, gay, etc.. They play with the feelings of people who are want to believe in love and happiness and want to share it with others.

I know that this sounds cruel, but I go in with the belief that all people that communicate through a dating service or online is a scammer. But a good rule to follow is: Start vetting before you communicate with the person, and you can do this. You can identify them almost immediately if you read their profiles. Before you talk to them. Are they using a full name, like Scott Brown (or my favorite is when they call themselves Brown Scott, not knowing that usually Brown is not a first name. It tells me that got the name from a database somewhere).

Let’s look at some I have come across:

Scammer ID

The Bot: This was from a dating site called Plenty of Fish, where you can instantly communicate with whoever. In this case I suspected a Scammer but wanted to know more and have fun. Usually the man is a widow with young children. He tells a sad story, I heard this before and new it would be a script so I created an unbelievable story to see if he would move from his script and he didn’t.

This type of scammer is called a bot, someone at the other end or a program sends out these communication. The objective of this is to get you off the site, either to continue the communication or to get your infromation. Don’t click on these links usually, it’s malware.




Military Man: Scott Beckler, is a fake, he is in uniform and is posing as a “Peace Keeper in Syria”   – We currently do not have any Peace Keepers in Syria, or any contracters in Syria, nor do we have a forward base there. They will call themselves Military Men, and do not use miltary jargon, not even the ones that are common. In this case, I figured I would give it back to him to see if he could ID the jargon I used. He didn’t know any of the Jargon I used. I knew he was a Scammer because he used his real name on Skout, no one does.



The Fictional Character: Sometimes the Scammers most likely do not know they are based on some sort of fake character from a popular western TV show. I just couldn’t help myself. When John Smith (in this case Smith, John) blonde and sporting a bow tie, I just couldn’t help myself. The conversation goes longer than what I have here, he asked me my name and I told him I was Sarah Jane. But it shows how ridiculous it is. I would have just x him but my favorite character texting me on a dating site, what girl could resist. It was like Skout gave me a little gift, just a sampling of goodness. But the sad part of this, is a woman didn’t know Doctor Who (the Doctor goes by John Smith at times), she would have been swept away by a handsome man who would be interested in her.

Why Scammers? I don’t know, all I know is that they are horrible people. Usually, woman get scammers from Nigeria or Russia, for some reason the men get them from Russia and the Philippines. It could be that they are working for others who split the money or the information that they gather.

Tinder profile.


Then there are just really disgusting men out there. That are not Scammer but are not super nice. This was taken from Tinder. I guess I saved these images because I wanted to share them with others to say that they aren’t alone, that this is really happening. There are a lot more Screen grabs that I haven’t shared, because some of them are to disgusting to share.

I can’t tell you how many unsolicited penis pictures I have gotten. I don’t know why men think it’s okay to send them,

I don’t have a lot of experience on the guy side, but in talking to some of the men, they get crazy scammers. Some just wonder outloud if these dating sites work.

But here is the thing about Scammers, they are everywhere. They will send you a message through Facebook. They will send you an unsolicited text message. They will prey anywhere they thing they can find people that will fall for them.

If a situation feels to go to be true, it could be. Trust your gut, but also trust your ability to do a google search. Search facebook for them. See if you can find out who they say they are. Sometimes you will be surprised.

Next, the Married Ones —

Curriculum: What the fuzzy heck?

Curriculum, how many times have I heard the word thrown out there with little or no regard to what it means. Supposedly it’s interchange about with “course design.” I hear, “Oh, I gotta go and right curriculum tonight.” or “we can just whip up a curriculum.”  I hear these things and I want to cringe, hide, take cover, or want to say what Inigo Montoya says in the Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Let’s look at what the word means according to Wikipedia (I love Wikipedia – so Hush!) 

“In education, a curriculum (/kəˈrɪkjᵿləm/; plural: curricula /kəˈrɪkjᵿlə/ or curriculums) is broadly defined as the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process.[1][2] The term often refers specifically to a planned sequence of instruction, or to a view of the student’s experiences in terms of the educator’s or school’s instructional goals. In a 2003 study Reys, Reys, Lapan, Holliday and Wasman refer to curriculum as a set of learning goals articulated across grades that outline the intended mathematics content and process goals at particular points in time throughout the K–12 school program.[3] Curriculum may incorporate the planned interaction of pupils with instructional content, materials, resources, and processes for evaluating the attainment of educational objectives.[4] Curriculum is split into several categories, the explicit, the implicit (including the hidden), the excluded and the extra-curricular.[5][6][7]


So what can we gather from the above:

  • It’s set by an institution
  • It’s part of instructional goals of an institution
  • And it’s preset by the institution

Let’s look at Google’s definition of Curriculum:

“the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.”


For the fun of it let’s look at Meriam Webster’s definition:

Definition of curriculum



play-lə\ also


  1. 1:  the courses offered by an educational institution the high school curriculum

  2. 2:  a set of courses constituting an area of specialization the engineering curriculum the biological sciences curriculumt he liberal arts curriculum

The different plural forms of curriculum

Curriculum is from New Latin (a post-medieval form of Latin used mainly in churches and schools and for scientific coinages), in which language it means “a course of study.” It shares its ultimate root in classical Latin, where it meant “running” or “course” (as in “race course”), with words such as corridor, courier, and currency, all of which come from Latin currere “to run.”

As is the case with many nouns borrowed directly from Latin, there is often some confusion as to the proper way to form its plural. Both curricula and curriculums are considered correct.

This word is frequently seen in conjunction with vitae; a curriculum vitae (Latin for “course of (one’s) life”) is “a short account of one’s career and qualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a position” – in other words, a résumé. Curriculum vitae is abbreviated CV, and is pluralized as curriculavitae. (“Curriculum.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 6 Mar. 2017.)

Okay, now that we looked at the definition of Curriculum, it is not something that an Instructor, faculty, or teacher creates, but rather an institution. The Curriculum covers many subjects and gives a prescription and direction in what the institution desires for what is taught.

What is it then people mean by writing a Curriculum? They are writing lesson plans, a syllabus, content for the class they will teach, designing instruction, writing lesson objectives or outcomes, or other direct course needs. Some are engaged in Instructional Design or even Lesson Design, where the learners are centric to the development of the material, while Curriculum Design is about the Institutions needs.

Online Dating Part 1: The System

What is an online dating post doing on a blog about learning? Simple, life is an ocean and each ebb and flow of our lives is a learning experience. Online dating is just another part of life. I was sitting with a great friend having a drink and we were laughing over, the at times the hilarious but brutal reality of online dating. She said, “Ceit, you need to write about it!” She went on to say all of these antidotal stories are important to women, not just woman, but to all woman. Certainly, men can benefit from my handy dandy system. Oh come on, I am an Instructional Designer, so I do have a system.

Of course, this system didn’t come easy, as with anything worth learning, there were ups and downs. The biggest hurdle of online dating is not getting a clear picture of who you are talking to. So part of my system is to identify who you are talking to. That might seem easy because dating sites and meet-up sites have pictures of people and beautiful, and some not, written profiles. It’s not, why, people lie, apparently a lot, especially online, and especially men.

The System!

  1. Really look at the profile and picture. Some sites don’t let you get to the full profile, while other sites let you. For instance, look at the age, does the age match the photo, yes there are some people that don’t look their age, I am one of them. I get that. But use common sense.
    1. Is the picture recent? Many times men post pictures of their “best” manly look, that might be from years ago.
    2. Does the profile summary match the text language? Yes, sometimes people let others write their profile information. This can be annoying. It’s always good to ask questions about their profile. If they don’t answer directly, it’s time to move on.
    3. Look for red flags or even good flags. For instances if you always wanted to date and be in a relationship with a fellow Treker, well see what their likes are, if they say I hate sci-fi, that might be an indicator of not a good match for you.
    4. Make sure that your lifestyle and their lifestyle is compatible. For instance, I pretty much lead a childfree life, so if I was looking at a profile and he says that he is a single father of 3 children under the age of 13. I know that I don’t want to be a stepmom. I love kids but it doesn’t make any sense to me to even approach him.
    5. To good to be true:
      1. Do the pictures look it was taken by a professional – The guy looks like he just walked off the cover of GQ or they look like advertisement pictures.
      2. Does the profile say he is a millionaire or well off, usually, people with money don’t advertise it.
      3. The picture is of a man dressed in Military uniform or Gear. This is a red flag. Not saying military personnel don’t go on dating sites, they just don’t do it in uniform. If the uniform is Navy, and the guy says he is a Military Man, you know, to run, ( I willl be talking about Scammers in a later blog post. But I can’t tell you how many generals I have wanting just me. LOL
  2. Say Hello!
    1. Say hello and say something about their profile, this really does help start a communication. Don’t wait until they text you.
  3. Engage:
    1. Ask questions.
      1. If the profile says they are from a city or town next door, ask them if they been to a place you know. If they say, well they are actually living overseas and haven’t been home in a long time, then you know to move on.
    2. Ask him/her to meet.
      1. The purpose of online dating is to bring it to an offline public setting
        1. Safety first:
          1. bright open places
          2. Have a Wing person. Give a friend the name of the place that you are meeting someone. Text your friend at different times through the date and tell the person you are meeting that you are doing this.
        2. If they can’t meet, but wish only to communicate online or through an outside program like, Skype, kik, email, or any other messenger service that should send up red flags.
      2. Have Fun!
        1. There might have been chemistry during the texting and phone phase but let’s face it, you will only know until you meet them.
        2. It’s okay not to have chemistry.
        3. Try different places to meet. Something that you both might like.
        4. It’s okay if you or the other person don’t like each other, it’s a date!
      3. Be TRUE to You.
        1. Don’t settle.

These are simple steps or they should be. I left a lot of things out and I will cover more things along the way. The simple fact is that you need to be a bit of an investigator because many times people lie about almost everything online.  There are many reasons.

I did leave an important part. it’s a standalone piece. It’s the rules of engagement and is part of the lifestyle part of it as well. Here is a list:

  1. Can they meet you tomorrow: This isn’t about, no I can’t because I have plans, but rather, it’s to see if they are real and not a scammer or other dubious reason. If they can meet great if they can’t you might want to investigate.
  2. Are they employed? Now before you say, but… Hear me out. If it isn’t important to you, it’s fine. But dating someone who cannot afford to do things, is not fun. It’s a drain on you. I am not saying don’t give someone a chance because they aren’t employed, but it could be a red flag.How are they supporting themselves, are they looking for a free meal?
  3. Do they have a car? If this isn’t a lifestyle choice. Meaning they live in an area that affords them not to have one, or they want to reduce their carbon footprint, or because they have a disability – But can get around, without your car. It’s pretty difficult to date someone who can’t come to you or meet you half way. Transportation is a must. For instance a person I started talking to lived only about a 15 minute car ride, when we started talking about meeting he told me that he didn’t have a car, and would have come by bus (which would take an hour). I said no because I didn’t want to be responsible for him missing a bus, and I really didn’t want to drive a stranger home.


This is my system. It’s not infallible, but it’s a start. My next post is about Scammers, how to spot, block and report!

My comments about a recent article


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This really is an important article to read. This is from the professor’s POV from the article “How a Syllabus Sparked a War Between a Professor and His College” — However, times do change and professors need to change as well. Student Learning Outcomes/Instructional objectives really do help not only the learner but the instructor/professor as well. His style of teaching is to misdirect students, to give them little help, and to make it harder for the student to understand the content. Critical thinking, critical application, and developing a culture of lifelong learning are the cornerstones for modern education. His style is more suited in an exclusive environment of the 1800 century rather than an inclusive one of the current era. Giving learners help and guidance is not hand holding but rather giving them tools and assistance they need.


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