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It was 1992, I roamed Barnes & Nobles in Saugus. I was looking for anything that was “Celtic” related. Anything and all books that cover Celtic mythology, history, and customs. I saw the cover of the book Outlander. It was a beautiful cover with a tartan covered picnic tablecloth. I loved science fiction and romance, with a smather of, well, history. I sat down with it, when bookstores like Barnes & Nobles still had comfy chairs to curl up in. I bought the book and waited for each of the others to come out. Always wanting more.

I fell in love with the language, the story, the characters of the book. I was working on my own novel back then. I never finished it, and it was for my consumption rather than anyone else. I am not even sure if I still have the files anymore, I doubt it. It seems like many lifetimes ago. I do still have my research and the books. I did create a reference for them but that too is long lost. I will most likely get around to that at some point.

I even started an email conversation with  Diana Gabaldon, the author of the novels, gave me some advice. It was nice that she responded. Diana was an early adopter and was online since CompuServe days! I wish I still had the emails, but I lost them when I stopped using my AOL email many years ago.

The books gave me an escape. I waited with baited breath for the next books over the years. I read up through # 6. The last two books I just stopped reading. I am in the process of re-reading or is that listening to the complete series and I am now on Firey Cross.

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