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#Inktober, why I am doing it this month

Inktober is an initiative by Jake Parker – It is a 31 one day drawing challenge, in which you draw with ink and paper every day for the month of October.  These are the official rules of the challenge. He also has created prompts for the month.

You can follow me on Instagram to see my progression.











This is my first Inktober. I decided to do the challenge this year because I really wanted to challenge myself. I do think it will help me to develop my drawing skills and have something to look forward to every day. I am also getting my niece involved with this as well.





I was hesitant at first doing the challenge because although not a novice, I am still unsure about my skills. I have a hard time sharing my art, because I feel it’s not good enough, or that someone will be unkind. Sure it’s my own insecurities, but that is why I really want to do this challenge, to get to a place where I am not insecure. For this Challenge, I am using a Stillman and Birn toned (tan) Nova series mixed media spiral hardcover notebook. I really do love the feel of the paper, it has a little bit of a tooth, and handles watercolor nicely.

So far, these are these are the images that I created.

I didn’t have my notebook with me for the first day of the challenge I left it home.  I did this on my Samsung Note8 with the app Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I later printed a copy and put it in my sketchbook. The first prompt was swift, what better way to show swift is a Witches Black cat on a broom. I was tempted to do a Nimbus 2000 from Harry Poter, but I decided for a regularbroom instead.





The next image is not on the prompt but I had so much fun with the black cat I decided to do a witch. I used the same app Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.  I really like how this came out. I love that you can use the Copic colors with this app. I forgot how much I really love drawing digitally, My favorite part of this image was doing the hat.

I printed a copy of this, but instead of putting it in my Intober sketchbook, I put it in my every day one.






On day 2 the prompt was #divided. For this, I had my sketchbook with me, but I wanted to do something different. I pulled out my sharpies. As a Witch (and Pagan) I notice that although not written on a sign, a divide when people find out that I am a witch. Notice that my Witch isn’t dressed in black, or face painted with green, but she is wearing pink. She is just a normal woman with a different belief system. Of course, there are no flying brooms, but it’s fun to play with it. The cat is there at her side so she isn’t alone.

I really liked how the sharpies worked! I love the colors. I also used some highlighters that I managed to blend with a water brush.

Day 3, was poison. What better way than to show a Witches bookcase with poison. Of course, a cat shows up again. Notice on her bookcase, there are books on ethics, herbs, and poison. I bet this Witch has the remedy for the poison.







Day 4, today! So this is the last of the images. I sketched this in another sketchbook last night, I wanted to come up with some ideas for the underwater theme. This is not completed yet and not final. I most likely will sketch some more. I want to get the arms right. This is the one thing that will push me. I need to do more figure drawings.

I decided to draw a merman. I have no idea why, but I thought that it would be fitting. I also put a shark and a squid to be his companions.






I use my Bee Paper Super Delux Mixed Media for my everyday sketching. (I will be doing a video on that soon) It is one of my favorite mixed media notebooks. I have been using them in various sizes for the last year. I have filled 3 of them and just started on another one.  I also love Stillman and Birn.

UPDATE 10/05/2017:

Here is the completed drawing. It is done with all shimmering inks, with a minor exception for his skin which I did use Schminke Yellow Naples Reddish (convenience color for white skin. This quick pick doesn’t really show the prettiness of the sheen. I did a merman because I wanted to try something different. I learned a couple of things; 1) I need to work on my drawing anatomy — especially hands, arms, and torso — 2) I really like ink, but then that is a given.


I hope that everyone has a wonderful #Inktober, #Inktober



Ceit’s Sketching Fun

I am going to do a series of YouTube Videos on my adventures in Watercolor. I am not great at it, but I do enjoy it.


First sketching video. I am really just starting in the past year. I love to watch videos on drawing and watercolor. I try to sketch daily but sometimes I can’t do it..

The Materials I used
Bee Paper Company
Super Deluxe Mixed Media
4x6in. 150gm – 60 sheet spiral bound

Pentel Waterbrush.
Pocket Pallet (I found it on Etsy not eBay – I love these pallets but you can create your own small portable pallets. I have several that I am going to feature in a video in the future)

Daniel Smith Watercolors – Do I need them at this point? Probably not, but I do love the colors. I also use Revees watercolors I found for a set of 18 at Michaels for 8 dollars, in my Coloring books.

Escoba Travel Brush – I love them so much. The only draw back is if I have to bring water with me.

I will show my travel kit in a later video.

Thank you for watching.

Online Dating Pt2: THE Scammers delight

Every Scam is different, but they all work in somewhat the same way. It’s frustrating and sometimes aggravating when you first start online dating. Suddenly you experience someone who claims they care, and you start to build a friendship with that person only to find out they aren’t who they claim to be. Then the illusion falls away when you realize that they aren’t using “their” own pictures. It happens on every website, not just the free ones. I met my first scammer on

I was flattered because unlike some of the men that I met online, he text regularly, he knew what to say, and up until he was discovered he was kind. I felt stupid when I found out, because I was supposed to be “wicked smaht.” I felt like I wasn’t. I felt duped and played. I found out over careful investigation, and through questioning, he wasn’t the person who I thought I was talking to.

Some of the things just didn’t make sense. I googled his phone number and found it belonging to Viber (this site and kik are home to scammers and to married men looking for something on the side- be weary when someone asks you to get of the dating site and on to those services), a free telephone service. I asked for specific details about where he lived in MA, and he just told me Downtown Boston – no street nothing (when pressed he told me his parents bought it for him). He was supposed to be in Army, but graduated Annapolis, when I looked for the year he graduated, he wasn’t listed. I finally found that the style of military email that he was using wasn’t used by the military anymore, and the email was generated by a spoofer located in the Ukraine. So I confronted him. I just really wanted to know why he was doing this. It didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t get my answers, the Viber number and email that he was using disappeared.

I got “wicked smaht” after that. Thankfully, I wasn’t taken for money or for dirty pictures (don’t just don’t share personal pictures to a stranger). It just left me feeling just down.

I hear from more and more friends that they meet these wonderful men, then they find out that they are scammers, and their heart breaks. The scammers give us the illusion of what we want from others. The thing is, it happens to everyone, woman, man, straight, gay, etc.. They play with the feelings of people who are want to believe in love and happiness and want to share it with others.

I know that this sounds cruel, but I go in with the belief that all people that communicate through a dating service or online is a scammer. But a good rule to follow is: Start vetting before you communicate with the person, and you can do this. You can identify them almost immediately if you read their profiles. Before you talk to them. Are they using a full name, like Scott Brown (or my favorite is when they call themselves Brown Scott, not knowing that usually Brown is not a first name. It tells me that got the name from a database somewhere).

Let’s look at some I have come across:

Scammer ID

The Bot: This was from a dating site called Plenty of Fish, where you can instantly communicate with whoever. In this case I suspected a Scammer but wanted to know more and have fun. Usually the man is a widow with young children. He tells a sad story, I heard this before and new it would be a script so I created an unbelievable story to see if he would move from his script and he didn’t.

This type of scammer is called a bot, someone at the other end or a program sends out these communication. The objective of this is to get you off the site, either to continue the communication or to get your infromation. Don’t click on these links usually, it’s malware.




Military Man: Scott Beckler, is a fake, he is in uniform and is posing as a “Peace Keeper in Syria”   – We currently do not have any Peace Keepers in Syria, or any contracters in Syria, nor do we have a forward base there. They will call themselves Military Men, and do not use miltary jargon, not even the ones that are common. In this case, I figured I would give it back to him to see if he could ID the jargon I used. He didn’t know any of the Jargon I used. I knew he was a Scammer because he used his real name on Skout, no one does.



The Fictional Character: Sometimes the Scammers most likely do not know they are based on some sort of fake character from a popular western TV show. I just couldn’t help myself. When John Smith (in this case Smith, John) blonde and sporting a bow tie, I just couldn’t help myself. The conversation goes longer than what I have here, he asked me my name and I told him I was Sarah Jane. But it shows how ridiculous it is. I would have just x him but my favorite character texting me on a dating site, what girl could resist. It was like Skout gave me a little gift, just a sampling of goodness. But the sad part of this, is a woman didn’t know Doctor Who (the Doctor goes by John Smith at times), she would have been swept away by a handsome man who would be interested in her.

Why Scammers? I don’t know, all I know is that they are horrible people. Usually, woman get scammers from Nigeria or Russia, for some reason the men get them from Russia and the Philippines. It could be that they are working for others who split the money or the information that they gather.

Tinder profile.


Then there are just really disgusting men out there. That are not Scammer but are not super nice. This was taken from Tinder. I guess I saved these images because I wanted to share them with others to say that they aren’t alone, that this is really happening. There are a lot more Screen grabs that I haven’t shared, because some of them are to disgusting to share.

I can’t tell you how many unsolicited penis pictures I have gotten. I don’t know why men think it’s okay to send them,

I don’t have a lot of experience on the guy side, but in talking to some of the men, they get crazy scammers. Some just wonder outloud if these dating sites work.

But here is the thing about Scammers, they are everywhere. They will send you a message through Facebook. They will send you an unsolicited text message. They will prey anywhere they thing they can find people that will fall for them.

If a situation feels to go to be true, it could be. Trust your gut, but also trust your ability to do a google search. Search facebook for them. See if you can find out who they say they are. Sometimes you will be surprised.

Next, the Married Ones —

Online Dating Part 1: The System

What is an online dating post doing on a blog about learning? Simple, life is an ocean and each ebb and flow of our lives is a learning experience. Online dating is just another part of life. I was sitting with a great friend having a drink and we were laughing over, the at times the hilarious but brutal reality of online dating. She said, “Ceit, you need to write about it!” She went on to say all of these antidotal stories are important to women, not just woman, but to all woman. Certainly, men can benefit from my handy dandy system. Oh come on, I am an Instructional Designer, so I do have a system.

Of course, this system didn’t come easy, as with anything worth learning, there were ups and downs. The biggest hurdle of online dating is not getting a clear picture of who you are talking to. So part of my system is to identify who you are talking to. That might seem easy because dating sites and meet-up sites have pictures of people and beautiful, and some not, written profiles. It’s not, why, people lie, apparently a lot, especially online, and especially men.

The System!

  1. Really look at the profile and picture. Some sites don’t let you get to the full profile, while other sites let you. For instance, look at the age, does the age match the photo, yes there are some people that don’t look their age, I am one of them. I get that. But use common sense.
    1. Is the picture recent? Many times men post pictures of their “best” manly look, that might be from years ago.
    2. Does the profile summary match the text language? Yes, sometimes people let others write their profile information. This can be annoying. It’s always good to ask questions about their profile. If they don’t answer directly, it’s time to move on.
    3. Look for red flags or even good flags. For instances if you always wanted to date and be in a relationship with a fellow Treker, well see what their likes are, if they say I hate sci-fi, that might be an indicator of not a good match for you.
    4. Make sure that your lifestyle and their lifestyle is compatible. For instance, I pretty much lead a childfree life, so if I was looking at a profile and he says that he is a single father of 3 children under the age of 13. I know that I don’t want to be a stepmom. I love kids but it doesn’t make any sense to me to even approach him.
    5. To good to be true:
      1. Do the pictures look it was taken by a professional – The guy looks like he just walked off the cover of GQ or they look like advertisement pictures.
      2. Does the profile say he is a millionaire or well off, usually, people with money don’t advertise it.
      3. The picture is of a man dressed in Military uniform or Gear. This is a red flag. Not saying military personnel don’t go on dating sites, they just don’t do it in uniform. If the uniform is Navy, and the guy says he is a Military Man, you know, to run, ( I willl be talking about Scammers in a later blog post. But I can’t tell you how many generals I have wanting just me. LOL
  2. Say Hello!
    1. Say hello and say something about their profile, this really does help start a communication. Don’t wait until they text you.
  3. Engage:
    1. Ask questions.
      1. If the profile says they are from a city or town next door, ask them if they been to a place you know. If they say, well they are actually living overseas and haven’t been home in a long time, then you know to move on.
    2. Ask him/her to meet.
      1. The purpose of online dating is to bring it to an offline public setting
        1. Safety first:
          1. bright open places
          2. Have a Wing person. Give a friend the name of the place that you are meeting someone. Text your friend at different times through the date and tell the person you are meeting that you are doing this.
        2. If they can’t meet, but wish only to communicate online or through an outside program like, Skype, kik, email, or any other messenger service that should send up red flags.
      2. Have Fun!
        1. There might have been chemistry during the texting and phone phase but let’s face it, you will only know until you meet them.
        2. It’s okay not to have chemistry.
        3. Try different places to meet. Something that you both might like.
        4. It’s okay if you or the other person don’t like each other, it’s a date!
      3. Be TRUE to You.
        1. Don’t settle.

These are simple steps or they should be. I left a lot of things out and I will cover more things along the way. The simple fact is that you need to be a bit of an investigator because many times people lie about almost everything online.  There are many reasons.

I did leave an important part. it’s a standalone piece. It’s the rules of engagement and is part of the lifestyle part of it as well. Here is a list:

  1. Can they meet you tomorrow: This isn’t about, no I can’t because I have plans, but rather, it’s to see if they are real and not a scammer or other dubious reason. If they can meet great if they can’t you might want to investigate.
  2. Are they employed? Now before you say, but… Hear me out. If it isn’t important to you, it’s fine. But dating someone who cannot afford to do things, is not fun. It’s a drain on you. I am not saying don’t give someone a chance because they aren’t employed, but it could be a red flag.How are they supporting themselves, are they looking for a free meal?
  3. Do they have a car? If this isn’t a lifestyle choice. Meaning they live in an area that affords them not to have one, or they want to reduce their carbon footprint, or because they have a disability – But can get around, without your car. It’s pretty difficult to date someone who can’t come to you or meet you half way. Transportation is a must. For instance a person I started talking to lived only about a 15 minute car ride, when we started talking about meeting he told me that he didn’t have a car, and would have come by bus (which would take an hour). I said no because I didn’t want to be responsible for him missing a bus, and I really didn’t want to drive a stranger home.


This is my system. It’s not infallible, but it’s a start. My next post is about Scammers, how to spot, block and report!

Bullet Journal Update

I have been using the Bullet Journal System for the last 2 years. I have used different notebooks, I started in a Filofax but quickly moved away from that system because I couldn’t find a thin printable high-quality paper that I could use in my Laser printer. After using the  Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook A5 Hardcover Dotted that you can purchase from places like Goulet Pens. I recommend them because they have great customer service and the turn around is great.not to mention they have a great pen selection for fountain pen lovers.

I currently use a notebook by Nanami Paper called the crossfield, it is 480page,  5mm, A5 sized, tome river paper, dot grid notebook. The paper has a beautiful feeling to the touch. It loves fountain pen ink (although it dries slower than other paper, but they give you a blotting page), and watercolor.

I roughly use the Ryder Carrol system and you can find out more at his website Bullet Journal. What I love about the system is that it is very flexible and allows you to take control over your own time. I use other products to combine it with my notebook to help me keep on track. The inserts I get from DIYFish on Esty, she has great inserts for Filofax or midori style notebooks. I use Hyperdex Stamp Set and I use 2017 / A5 1-year Calendar / fold into A5 – Inserts Refills Filofax Binder Collins.

I use my Bullet Journal in a different way, because not only do I use it for planning, track tracking, I use it for everything. It’s the one book that comes with me everywhere.

For work:

  • Note taking at meetings – in conjunction with OneNote (I will do a separate Blog post about this.
  • Note taking – for articles, books, or blog posts
  • Brian dump for ideas, understanding.
  • Mindmapping. great for designing courses and helping faculty
  • Everyday tasks and reminders. I use this in conjunction with Outlook.

Here are images from my October 2016 set up.

octorber 2016

two pages from a bullet journal spread


I try to make each month my own. I like to add the Moon Phases for my spiritual work, add paydays, holidays, time off, or anything that is important to me.  The point of this is to make it work for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just something that you will use.

I do like to use watercolors in my journal. I currently use Prima

page from Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal week on two pages with Hyperdex stamp

Watercolors, They come in pan form and easy to store in a bag. It’s a great way to add emphases to your entries or to de-stress.


To the right is how I use DIY stamps for my daily time tracking and tasks. I have one week on two pages I really like this because I can quickly see what I need to do, and, well, what hasn’t.


been done. I use the time tracker because I want to see my sleeping habits and time spent on projects. I do color code by using a

Week on Two Pages with Hyperdex from August 2016

Week on Two Pages with Hyperdex from August 2016

pentel mechanical pencil that has an assortment of 8 colors.







Color Code

Color Code Key for the Hyperdex

I really love the system and encourage everyone who loves pen and paper to give it a try. I love technology as well and do use tech tools as much as I can. I think of my Bullet Journal as my collection of ideas, that I can then enter into the digital world. Below you will find my YouTube Video which walks through my just completed Bullet Journal.



Transitioning Faculty…

..from face-to-face to fully online

Welcome! I encourage you to look around my blog if you have any question please ask or send a question via twitter using #CeitIDLinks,


Join the conversation at #CeitIDLinks on Twitter.  This is an embed tool created by Twubs. Twubs allows users to follow a Hashtag and background conversations.


Working copy of Course Development Checklist the Instructional Design team at Bristol uses to provide feedback to faculty.

Syllabus template used at Bristol Community College

Don’t forget to check out Sandra Campos’s post on Transitioning to fully online.

Who is afraid of Digital Quizzes

This link will take you to a nice post about digital quizzes

ED tech tools


Voicethread from your Smartphone

I used a Samsung Galaxy S7 with a screencasting app to film this.


See if it’s compatiable with your android device at  AZ Screen Recorder

I highly recommend it for those who need to create demonstrations on their mobile devices.


I have been using Snagit since the late 90s. The once small but powerful tool has finally grown up to become a must have tool. It’s not just an image capture software, but it really is a great tool to do a short how to video.

This is just a quick capture that I created with Snagit 13! As you can see you can now use webcam video in the capture.

How much does it cost

How much does it cost





Snagit Info Video

MCO (Massachusetts Colleges online) June 2 Conference

Yesterday was the MCO 11th Annual Conference on eLearning. It was an all day event which featured many presentations and interestingly enough the lunch was very healthy. I would have loved to went to all of them but I could only go to three.


SCHED What I did like about the conference is that I could look at the schedule and sign up for the courses through an app called SCHED it allows the organizers to set a robust sign up for the attendees and for themselves to get imporant information (like what presentaions wer attended, etc…)





  1. scrren captuer of OneNote

    Screenshot of One Note with photo and notes.

    Stratigic Planning of Online Learing – The leadership team of MCO presented on how to create a stratigic plan. There was excellent information in the presentation about how to create teams while working on a stratigic plan. I would have like to be able to review the slides after, but they were not up on the SCHED site. I did take photo notes in OneNote

  2. Open, Online & Engaging: OER for the Digital Classroom  Google Docs: Handouts — This by far was my favorite presentation of the day. It was several groups which came together and talked about their approach to OER. I really enjoyed the detailed handout which links to many resources that can be used to help create engaging OER courses. I also took note in OneNote.
  3. Vendors: There were 12 Vendors at MCO. I did get a chance to speak to all of them.
    1. Atomic Learning : It’s not the Atomic Learning of 2007. This is a robust fully (ADA compliant) adaptable bit sized learning nuggets that can be addapted for accessary learning. The vendor representative walked me through the features of Atomic Learning and the videos, unlike the videos it had many moons ago, they look fresh and up to day. I would definately like to learn more.
    2. Kaltura : A roubst video storage solution. It’s most likely the best hosting service out there, but it is pricey and might be out of reach for many Community Colleges.
    3. Visual Classroom: I really love the easy of use of this LTI based product. I love the drag and drop and the ability to tag discussion. My two questions would be, (a) what is the learning curve for digital learners who don’t have much experience with tech, (b) some of the features that it does have are appealing, but who will use it.
    4. Ensemble Video: This video solution platform  It allows for faculty, students, adminstration, and others to video lecture, workshops, or informational videos on the go and works acorss multi-platforms. It is also cloud based that can be self-hosted or be hybrid of cloud and self-hosted.
    5. Ricoh: Was there were a smartboard solution and portable projector that were amazing.
    6. Desire2Learn:  D2L is a very powerful LMS, I worked with in the past but really would like to get my hands in a course space to see what it can do.
    7. Blackboard: Do I need to say more. They gave me some good information on Bades and and on the Goals/objectives that can be used in courses.
    8. Gather Education: Is a learning platform that works on 3G in order to reach the most students. It records lectures but instead of creating videos it creates animation which in turns reduces the amount of badwith it needs so it can reach more people on cell networks around the world. I personally am not crazy about Animation in Higher Education, I most likely wouldn’t be interested init until they can do streaming video.
    9. Hobson/Starfish: I do think that this more for admistators than for course intergration. Although it has a nice intergration for student retention. It’s good information to have, but it’s not for the average Instructional Designer.
    10. Smart Sparrow: Another authoring tool.
    11. Revel/Pearson Product: Not sure what this really is — it’s more interagration for Blackboard.
    12. Troxell: Supplier of educational audio video supplies. BCC purchased the Swivl from them.
  4. Tools and Tech to enhance eLearning:  There was a mix up in the room numbers. It was changed at the last moment and those of us who were in one room had to physically move to another. The workshop was really featured the writing tool already in an operating system natively, She used stylus and the wacom pad to show how faculty could grade withing Blackboard. Although it was an interesting presentation I am not sure if it was organzed to get the most for the time.

Over all it was a nice conference. I would recommend it for next year. It also gave me a chance to hang out with friends like Lance Eaton over at By Any Other Nerd.

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