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What HappenedWhat Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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She does take the blame but also points out strong and damning issues surrounding the campaign. If these issues aren’t resolved we are going to have problems next time. The link will take you to GoodReads so you can see my notes, that I took while reading.  View all my reviews



When What Happened by Hillary Clinton came out, I wanted to read it. I need closure on the campaign, but I needed it from her. It will come as no shock to people that I was angry, crying angry, at her loss. I just couldn’t believe it, the polls had her winning, but still, she lost. I thought that although we still were neck deep in instructional sexism, I thought that this was the year that America could elect a woman as president I was very wrong. When combined with institutional racism, heaped on a deep resenting fair of others, and an economy which on the face of things were booming was in decline for the middle class.  With this wicked brew and a would-be president and his backers willing to bring it to a boil and drink the bitter concoction of hate, fear, and greed we got the first White President.


First off, I do not agree with Hillary on some things, but I agree more with her policies than any other. She is not perfect; she had the baggage of her husband, which Trump did try to use against her. Like Hillary in her book, I do not want to vote for a woman just because she was a woman, but rather because of her strength of polices. I am a bit more progressive, liberal, as you will than Hillary. Hillary wants universal healthcare, but I support a single payer program, expansion of Medicare and Medicaid. I believe that healthcare is a right for all not for some who had the good fortune of getting a full-time job that had health insurance.

That I had trouble with other areas. None, of them, was her email, Beetlejuice (oops I mean Benghazi). I wanted to see her to take a stand on consumer protections, student loans (free college or trade school for all), and I wanted to see her reform our broken education system, by getting rid of the for-profit test that seems to be plaguing our k-12 system.

The book did not cover any of that. The book was a reflective piece that really dived deep on many issues that this unique campaign had. Those who say that Hillary did not take any responsibility for her loss, didn’t read the book. Hillary takes responsibilities. For example, she talks about shutting down and resorting to old bad habits.

This book is necessary to read, even If you do not like Hillary. I suspect this will be necessary read in a Woman’s Studies class and a Political Science class.

The book talks about sexism in a meaningful way. She covers sexism and misogamy in the first part of her book.

Yes, she does blame a cocktail of toxicity that included Comey, Russia, and Bernie Bros.

The one issue that would be Political Scientists should look at is how social media really for the first time played a huge part in a presidential campaign. Yes, Obama used social media to organize and recruit, however, with a bit underline, not to the levels that multiple organizations (and the Russians did) in the 2016 campaign. This is new and certainly, a force that needs to be understood more.

Hillary was moving in the book talking about the days after the campaign and how she only wanted her yoga pants, comfortable shirt, and face time with her grandchildren, and Bill. Her stories were heartfelt and remind me of a lot of woman’s experiences after they lost the promotion to a man who didn’t have experience.

I learned a lot from this book, like the powerful story of the Mothers of the Movement (http://www.mothersmovement.org/ or the blog http://www.mothersmovement.org/blogworthy/). She talks about all the hard work of Trayvon Martin’s mom Sybrina Fulton, and Lucia Mc Bath and how they want to see the end of the needless killings of unarmed African Americans.

This perhaps is one of my favorite quotes of the book that doesn’t get enough coverage: Located at location 3773 kindle – “When people feel left out, left behind, and without options, the deep void will be filled by anger and resentment of depression and despair about those who supposedly took away their livelihoods or cut in line.”  2016 is about how Trump exploited those people, making them empty promises, and rankling their fear, depression, and anger.

The book is more than a Mia Copia but rather a compelling look at how she lost.

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