Quick Tool Post: 5 Tools for Higher Education Educators

Listed below are five powerful tools that Higher Education Educators can adapt to their courses.


Create a hashtag for your class and invite students to ask questions in the background, share information with other students. It also can be used to tag articles, people, blog, events, and other useful information.

Today’s Meet 

Today’s Meet is an interactive way to have a text chat discussion. It’s free and students do not have to sign in. Educators need to sign in (you can use a google account) in order to create the chatroom.


Can be used collaboratively to gather and share content in an organized way.

Facebook Live/Periscope 

Provide students with interactive feedback. Schedule a time to go over student works, mini-lecture, or thoughts and additional information.

Google Forms 

This is a great way for students to learn data collection and analysis.

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