MCO (Massachusetts Colleges online) June 2 Conference

Yesterday was the MCO 11th Annual Conference on eLearning. It was an all day event which featured many presentations and interestingly enough the lunch was very healthy. I would have loved to went to all of them but I could only go to three.


SCHED What I did like about the conference is that I could look at the schedule and sign up for the courses through an app called SCHED it allows the organizers to set a robust sign up for the attendees and for themselves to get imporant information (like what presentaions wer attended, etc…)





  1. scrren captuer of OneNote

    Screenshot of One Note with photo and notes.

    Stratigic Planning of Online Learing – The leadership team of MCO presented on how to create a stratigic plan. There was excellent information in the presentation about how to create teams while working on a stratigic plan. I would have like to be able to review the slides after, but they were not up on the SCHED site. I did take photo notes in OneNote

  2. Open, Online & Engaging: OER for the Digital Classroom  Google Docs: Handouts — This by far was my favorite presentation of the day. It was several groups which came together and talked about their approach to OER. I really enjoyed the detailed handout which links to many resources that can be used to help create engaging OER courses. I also took note in OneNote.
  3. Vendors: There were 12 Vendors at MCO. I did get a chance to speak to all of them.
    1. Atomic Learning : It’s not the Atomic Learning of 2007. This is a robust fully (ADA compliant) adaptable bit sized learning nuggets that can be addapted for accessary learning. The vendor representative walked me through the features of Atomic Learning and the videos, unlike the videos it had many moons ago, they look fresh and up to day. I would definately like to learn more.
    2. Kaltura : A roubst video storage solution. It’s most likely the best hosting service out there, but it is pricey and might be out of reach for many Community Colleges.
    3. Visual Classroom: I really love the easy of use of this LTI based product. I love the drag and drop and the ability to tag discussion. My two questions would be, (a) what is the learning curve for digital learners who don’t have much experience with tech, (b) some of the features that it does have are appealing, but who will use it.
    4. Ensemble Video: This video solution platform  It allows for faculty, students, adminstration, and others to video lecture, workshops, or informational videos on the go and works acorss multi-platforms. It is also cloud based that can be self-hosted or be hybrid of cloud and self-hosted.
    5. Ricoh: Was there were a smartboard solution and portable projector that were amazing.
    6. Desire2Learn:  D2L is a very powerful LMS, I worked with in the past but really would like to get my hands in a course space to see what it can do.
    7. Blackboard: Do I need to say more. They gave me some good information on Bades and and on the Goals/objectives that can be used in courses.
    8. Gather Education: Is a learning platform that works on 3G in order to reach the most students. It records lectures but instead of creating videos it creates animation which in turns reduces the amount of badwith it needs so it can reach more people on cell networks around the world. I personally am not crazy about Animation in Higher Education, I most likely wouldn’t be interested init until they can do streaming video.
    9. Hobson/Starfish: I do think that this more for admistators than for course intergration. Although it has a nice intergration for student retention. It’s good information to have, but it’s not for the average Instructional Designer.
    10. Smart Sparrow: Another authoring tool.
    11. Revel/Pearson Product: Not sure what this really is — it’s more interagration for Blackboard.
    12. Troxell: Supplier of educational audio video supplies. BCC purchased the Swivl from them.
  4. Tools and Tech to enhance eLearning:  There was a mix up in the room numbers. It was changed at the last moment and those of us who were in one room had to physically move to another. The workshop was really featured the writing tool already in an operating system natively, She used stylus and the wacom pad to show how faculty could grade withing Blackboard. Although it was an interesting presentation I am not sure if it was organzed to get the most for the time.

Over all it was a nice conference. I would recommend it for next year. It also gave me a chance to hang out with friends like Lance Eaton over at By Any Other Nerd.

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