Lynda Cater as Wonderwoman she is in a position of strength

I love superheroes, yes, me I can’t help it. There is something about them that appeals to me. My favorite is Wonderwoman, Lynda Carters Wonderwoman. As a little girl watching her week to week be this strong woman, made me a little braver, a little more outgoing. I also grew up on superhero cartoons like;  Spiderman, Justice League, Batman, and superman. Along with the cartoons, I watched the TV shows like Superman and Batman. I didn’t read the comics as much, my older brothers weren’t into comics, so I couldn’t steal them.

I loved the cartoon superheroes of the 80s, like G.I. Joe and XMen. I would run home to watch the cartoons. I loved that G.I. Joe had strong female characters like Scarlet and Lady Jane. They were tough and could take care of themselves. The XMen brought more strong female characters, which Rouge was a favorite.

It’s these characters of my childhood that carry  me through. It made me think about who I wanted to be as a human, not just what I wanted to be when I grow up. It also made me see the gray area in life, that sometimes things are neutral and can’t be defined.

Comics have finally reached the masses. I am talking specifically the round of kick butt superheroes that have reached all media. Marvel and DC really have taken the to today’s TV. We have more superhero TV shows now than ever.

Marvel took it up a notch by partnering with Netflix with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Daredevil and Jessica Jones takes a darker look at superheroes. They aren’t easy breeze like Captian America or Iron Man (who lives in the same universe). They don’t fight Aliens or big monsters, at times they fight their inner demons as well as the criminals and masterminds of the streets.

Jessica Jones deals with women’s issues and heavy content as partner abuse, control, rape, violence, PTSD, and other gruesome topics. Jessica Jones deals with these concepts in a surprisingly human way and it’s refreshing.

Daredevil season one was good, however season two is that much better. Without spoiling it, it deals what it means to be a superhero on two levels. The first level is how the superheroes deal with morality and the use of their own powers, the examination is tough and brutal at times and each character explores their line. The humans deal with being their own superheroes and how they can be as powerful as those with special powers, and how they can confront violence, personal demons, and themselves.

Supergirl Not all superheroes are dark. Supergirl flew on to CBS like a refreshing breeze. She is strong confident and is super dorky in her Kara persona. She is dealing with the issues of the aftermath of Krypton being destroyed. She hunts aliens who were caught in the phantom zone with her.

I truly hope that  Supergirl is renewed for a second season, it’s worthy to have one. Supergirl is strong, independent, and is trying to find her way in the world. I identify with Supergirl, because she reminds me of me, the dorky awkward girl who fumbles over social activities.

What have I learned from superheroes? I learned that it’s okay to be me, to stand up for myself and others. I don’t have to have superpowers to save the day, I just have to trust myself and the “powers” I do have, and most importantly care for others.


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