On journals and paper!


One of my passions is writing. I love the feel of the paper, of how the nib of the fountain pen glides, the sheen of the ink, and how I feel when words flow from my mind. Most journals made for the US market are not great with fountain pens. The big reason is because most people use ballpoint pens, gel pens, or rollerball. The in that comes in these quick consumption inks are made to be disposable. Not saying that gel pens are not great pens, but they just don’t have the same feel as a Fountain pen.


I have found a great journal called Seven Seas, sold by Nanami paper (http://www.nanamipaper.com/categories/seven-seas-tomoe-river-paper.html). It’s a small website that has a following. There is a wealth of information on his site, and Dave (the owner) is fantastic to work with. The best-selling notebooks on his site is the Seven Seas journal made with Tomoe River paper. The paper is made in Japan by a company called Tomoegawa (http://www.tomoegawa.co.jp/english/index.html)  It’s super thin paper 52gsm for instance regular copy paper might be 20lbs (75 gsm).  (I hope I did that right! Paper weights can be confusing.  This journal is extremely well made and it holds 480 pages. You can get the Seven Seas in three ways, lined, blank, and dot grid (which is more like a cross rather than a dot. I think it’s better than a dot because I can follow the lines a little better). I use these books for journaling and Bullet Journaling (which will be in another post).

Here is a review of the Tomoe River paper (http://edjelley.com/2014/01/20/seven-seas-tomoe-river-paper-journal-review/)

Although, I am in love with the Seven Seas notebooks, there are times when I would like a little diversity in my notebook. So recently I started to make my own books! Yes, bookbinding. There are times when I want nice paper to write with, or watercolor paper for water coloring. Although, I can watercolor on Tomoe River paper, it can get crinkly, so I have decided that I will make my own. Not only for me but to give to friends.

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