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Chronical for Higher Education ArticleWhy I’m Sticking to My ‘Noncompliant’ Learning Outcomes


‘Silly, Sanctimonious Games’: How a Syllabus Sparked a War Between a Professor and His College

This really is an important article to read. This is from the professor’s POV from the article “How a Syllabus Sparked a War Between a Professor and His College” — However, times do change and professors need to change as well. Student Learning Outcomes/Instructional objectives really do help not only the learner but the instructor/professor as well. His style of teaching is to misdirect students, to give them little help, and to make it harder for the student to understand the content. Critical thinking, critical application, and developing a culture of lifelong learning are the cornerstones for modern education. His style is more suited in an exclusive environment of the 1800 century rather than an inclusive one of the current era. Giving learners help and guidance is not hand holding but rather giving them tools and assistance they need.


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