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JamieWhat to blog about? That is the question I have been struggling with off and on for the last two years. At first, I really wanted it to be a dedicated Instructional Design blog, but there are so many out there that I am not sure what I can add. I could most likely add some ideas about Instructional Design at Community Colleges, but that couldn’t justify a continued blog.

Over time, I was just so overwhelmed by everything. I was lost in YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, etc… There were so much out there. So I decided to link to Goodreads and  Scoop-it.  I also linked to my social media like Facebook and Twitter. I kept on putting the blog off, hoping for some inspiration to fall from the sky.

OceanI looked at the name of my Blog again. Ocean of Learning and started to reflect on the name. Granted I chose the name because I love the ocean. The ocean is ever changing it doesn’t stand still and it moves sometimes fast and sometimes very slow.

I have always wanted to learn. From an early age, I had a book in my hand. I loved spending time in libraries browsing the stacks. I could read Comics to Anna Karenina then read something on politics. It doesn’t matter, I just loved and still to love explore our world through books.

I also life is learning, we seek out new things to help us with our jobs, with live events, relationships, personal growth, how to take care of our furbabies, our toys, our hobbies, etc.. For instance I recently started a hobby I had years ago, collecting fountain pens.  With the help of YouTube and Facebook I started to informally learn about care, maintenance, use, and so much more.

The internet is a great source of learning, but it is like the vast ocean, there are storms and calm, there are dangerous but exciting parts of it as well.

So, this blog will be a place where I can learn and hopefully share what I learn. I will write about Instructional Design and related areas, but I will also talk about other things as well. I don’t know what that will be because it’s a journey that I hope you will take with me.

doctor who scarfWhat about me? I am inquisitive admire of life. I am currently an Instructional Designer at a Community College. I am a nerd girl with a love and passion for technology. I also love the feel of real books, fountain pens, paper, and physical journals. I love Science Fiction no matter what medium it’s in.



(image to the left is a photo of the 4th Doctor’s scarf. It took me 3 months to finish!)

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  1. yay! Welcome back to the blogosphere!

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